Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baptism of Bryan and Martin

This is the second baptism that we attended on Saturday 6 June, 2009.  This one was in our ward here in Ramos Mejia.  Martin (the older gentleman) was introduced to the church through Fransica Marquez, a ward missionary.  She invited him to attend the ward with her and he came to a sacrament meeting and enjoyed it.  He agreed to have the Elders teach him the discussions.  The young man is Bryan Figueroa.  He is the young man that Elder Smith challenged to prepare to become a missionary before he was even baptized.  Elder Smith thought he was a member.  He is a cousin to the Cruz family that we have been helping to re-activate. Elder Sabey on the left baptized Bryan. Elder Harper on the right baptized Martin. 

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  1. Wow wow wow! There must be lots of missionaries knocking on doors in Europe right now. (; I will not be surprised at all if Bryan is entering the MTC a year from now. God's blessings certainly are pouring down.