Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baptism in Lujan

This is a picture of the baptism of Pedro and Lidia Vargas that we attended in Lujan on Saturday.  Elder Henderson (the Branch President) is in the white at the left, on his right is their daughter Prisila.  Sister Henderson is on the right.  Elder Hinkley is kneeling on the left and his companion Elder Gonzalez is on the right.  We met Hermano Vargas last week when we attended the 25 de Mayo (25th of May) celebration.  After the fiesta Herman Vargas came up to Elder Smith and said "he could feel that he (Elder Smith) was a man of god"  Elder Smith told him, Pedro,  that he knew that Pedro knew that the church was true and that he needed to act on it and get baptized.  There was a strong spiritual connection between them both.

Elder Henderson told us how he met this family.  He walked by a peluqueria (barbershop) and felt he should stop there to get his hair cut.  He did not stop and went about doing other things.  The next time he passed the shop, he received the same feelings that he should go in to get his hair cut.  This time he went in.  Both the husband and the wife are barbers and own the shop.  They will be a great additions to the branch in Lujan. 

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