Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Weeks to go

We have finished our tutoring classes at the MTC.  At the right is a picture of Hermana (Sister) Vargas.  She has been a great blessing in our lives.  We are hoping that she will be able to work with us when we go into the MTC on March 16th.  This has been a great and wonderful experience going to the MTC for these classes.  We went to the MTC three days a week for one hour.  Nita went on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and I went in the afternoons.  Hermana Vargas started working with Nita to learn the language.  Nita has progressed  very well.  She understands most of what she hears and reads.  The Lord has blessed her a great deal.  She is saying prayers and bearing testimony in Spanish.  She feels that she is not doing as well as she should but I believe that she is doing well and that once we get to Argentina she will blossom in speaking the language.  I have completed the first two lessons in Spanish and am now working on the third lesson.  I hope to have the four lessons down before we go to Argentina.  We talked with Brother and Sister Rawson (the couple we are replacing) again last week.  They helped us to get into the computer program to track the progress of the missionaries with their English lessons.  They told us a little more about the apartment and the area that we will be living in.  We will be about two miles from the mission office.  They said they walk there all the time.  It will be good exercise for us I am sure.  

I was looking on the web for blogs on the mission and found one for a Elder and Sister Peterson from the Buenos Aires West Mission where we are going.  He looks to be an older gentleman (yes older than I am).  He is a physician and is the medical director for the South American Area.  I believe they are the only other couple missionaries in the mission.  There may be one more couple there but we are not sure. 

We are tying up loose ends in the next two weeks.  We have moved some of our stuff out to a storage unit.  We are looking forward to the night we get set apart as missionaries.  


  1. Hello Smith's and welcome to the blogging world. You will love having a blog and I'm so happy that I'm going to see what's going on through out your mission. I have some websites writen down at home that you guys can use for your blog. I will email the address to you. It sounds like you two are ready to go. You guys look great. I'm so happy for you too. I'm going to try to make it this Sunday. I hope all is well. Take chat and Chat with you later.

    Love Ashlyn B

  2. You know you're really going on a mission when you have a picture in front of the map! (;

  3. hooray! what a fun blog... i am going to check it all the time! come and visit ours... i will upload pictures of the kid when he's born :)